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Volunteers play an important role within FIRST. From helping out with groupwork to taking clients out for a coffee or walk in the park you could make a difference. FIRST offer all volunteers relevant training and support within the service. 

The role of the volunteer
  • Engage with and support identified clients of FIRST on a one to one basis or via groupwork in accordance with the agreed care plan.

  • Provide feedback to the relevant Rehabilitation Worker of FIRST in relation to the progress of the client.

  • Highlight client needs and issues as they arise with client and inform the relevant Rehabilitation Worker whose responsibility it is to take the action forward.

  • Carry out volunteering duties and work within philosophy, policies and procedures of the Service i.e. Health and Safety, Confidentiality, etc.

  • Attend training and supervision sessions as deemed appropriate by the Service Manager.

If you feel volunteering with FIRST is for you, please contact us on 01592 585960 for further information.
A volunteer application form can be downloaded here.

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