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Below is a sample list of our groupwork programmes.  For current provision, please speak to your Rehabilitation Worker or contact our Groupwork Coordinator on 01592 585960.

Activity Based Groupwork
Peer Support

Our Peer Support Groups are open to clients and non-clients of FIRST. They allow everyone to meet up for a cuppa and a chat whilst providing one another with advice and support. There is no set agenda. We have in-person and virtual Peer Support groups running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please contact us for more information.

Walk & Talk (click here for more photos)

The Walk & Talk group gives clients the opportunity to get out for some fresh air along with having a general chit chat, whilst walking around Fife's forests and coastal routes.

Drumming Group

The Drumming Group runs on a weekly basis. Clients will learn how to play the African Djembe drums. Clients from FIRST have performed with the drums during Scotland's annual Recovery Walk.

Cycling Group (click here for more photos)

The Cycling Group runs fortnightly for clients who wish to keep fit and get some fresh air while enjoying the scenery of parks, lochs and wooded areas. Clients will be asked to wear helmets whilst on the group. FIRST also have a few spare bikes for those who do not own their own bike.

Gardening Group (click here for more photos)

The Gardening Group is a seasonal group and runs weekly at an allotment in Glenrothes. Clients will be able to grow their own fruit and vegetables to take home. This group will also focus on healthy eating. 

Arts & Crafts Group (click here for more photos)

The Arts & Crafts group allows clients to express themselves in a safe and comfortable environment and explore areas of art that the individual may have an interest in but has never had the opportunity before. By taking part in the group, it helps to improve self-esteem, relieve stress, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Clients can also direct their thoughts and feelings away from substance use into something more positive. FIRST are also extremely lucky to have local artist Kerry Wilson on board.

Summer Activities Group (click here for more photos)

The Summer Activities Group runs for six weeks during the summer period. The group takes place at Lochore Meadows and includes activities such as water sports, mountain biking, coasteering, abseiling, island adventures and orienteering.

Heritage and Communities Group (click here for more photos)

The Heritage and Communities Group runs in eight week blocks. Client's will have the chance to visit sites including Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, RNLI Lifeboats, Royal Botanic Gardens and more.


Therapy Based Groupwork.

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Acupuncture has long been used to support people with addiction. FIRST run acupuncture sessions on a weekly basis throughout Fife. Some of the benefits of auricular acupuncture include: improved well-being, reduced stress levels, better sleep, reduced withdrawals, and decreased levels of anxiety. The sessions allow clients to relax in comfortable, safe surroundings.

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