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Residential Rehabilitation

FIRST's Residential Rehabilitation programme is for individuals with substance use issues and is funded to provide assessment, preparatory work and ongoing support.


Referrals can be made through attending the Fife-wide triage drop-in clinics or through other appropriate services.

Those applying for residential rehabilitation are required to meet the referral criteria and be prepared to engage in a structured and intense programme of preparatory work.

To meet the criteria for this service a client must have:

  • Has a drug and/or alcohol issue for a considerable period of time (years rather than months).

  • Previously tried and exhausted drug and alcohol services in the community.

  • Not benefitted from previous formal community based detoxification.

  • Evidence of willingness to change and to see change as a personal responsibility.

  • A commitment to engage in a structured and intense programme of preparatory work prior to detoxification followed by residential rehabilitation.

  • A willingness and understanding of the need to continue to engage with services after returning to the community.

  • Been assessed as capable of achieving abstinence and is prepared to do so.

There are three elements to the service:

  1. Assessment and preparatory stage where FIRST will look at current and historic drug and alcohol use, criminal activity, housing issues, social circumstances, family networks and support, involvement with other services and assess motivation for change.

  2. Inpatient residential detoxification for six weeks followed by a twenty week residential rehabilitation programme with places purchased from one of four external providers selected on the particular needs of the individual.

  3. Structured community based rehabilitation with suitable housing and housing support as key components as well as a comprehensive package of aftercare services and continuing follow up for a sustained period of time will follow after this twenty-six week period.

On completion of the programme the client will receive ongoing support from one of FIRST's Rehabilitation Workers and have access to a range of aftercare. 

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