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Everyone at FIRST is concerned for your health and welfare at this difficult time.  It's not easy for any of us.  With this in mind we are asking that you all do what we, the FIRST Team are doing to get through this situation.

  1. Stay at home, don't go out to visit friends or family.  Phone them instead or use Facetime, Zoom or some other social platform.

  2. Only leave your home (and no more than once a day) to get essential shopping or for medical reasons, for example collecting a prescription then go straight back home.  ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ARE FEELING WELL AND YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY CORONAVIRUS SYMPTOMS.

  3. Make sure you stay at least two metres away from other people when you do have to go out, called social distancing.

Try and stay safe. By doing the above EVERY DAY you will help to protect not only yourself but other people too.  We hope to see you all as soon as possible once this situation is over. We ALL need to play our part to make this happen.

Take care

The FIRST Team

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